An Almost

By Leslie Parks - Friday, March 06, 2015

I really don't know how it happened.  One moment I was a mom of toddlers and the next moment I was a mom who was/is homeschooling. I never really remember making that decision but just going down that road. Then the first bird was shooed out of the nest and forced to fly and I had peace in the home mostly.  Not always but more often.  That bird was half way through his seventh grade year when he was propelled forcefully out of the nest to fly.  It was a struggle of missing assignments, poor work, disorganization and adjustment but for me it was peaceful. Then he hit high school and things just clicked; mostly. The second bird needed a challenge earlier and that wasn't happening at home.  Again an adjustment, missing assignments, and ideas for projects that need to be toned down but there was even more peace and the house stayed clean during the day.  So she was the last.  We did things together and went on outings because she was the ONLY one, and things could get accomplished faster but alas it felt like it was coming to an end, QUICKLY.  I couldn't handle it. It was getting hard. The arguing and tears from me was too much and I filled out her registration, dropped it off and asked how soon she could start. The anxiety and doubt filled the weekend. Could I really send her off to school? Was that really what was the best for our family, for our girl? I took her school shopping and we purchased a backpack, some new converse, a couple of t-shirts and she was ready. Emotionally she was a wreck and so was I. I couldn't sleep, my heart hurt, and I realized that it wasn't the right time. John and I sat down and hashed it out.  We talked about the pros and cons.  Isaac gave his opinion about starting school in the middle of the year. Finally a decision was made.  The end of school will be May 15th. Instead of allowing her to set her schedule during the day, I set it for her and it is rigorous and strict.  She needed more boundaries and she accomplishes much more during the day with that kind of structure. We've enlisted a help in correcting her writing and working through rough drafts and final drafts. We have done this one week so far and it seems to be working great.  I realized though that on Wednesday it could have been her first day of public school.  I was almost only a mom, taxi driver, cook, housekeeper, laundress, and dog walker, almost but not quite.  I almost had all my children in school.  I almost gave up teaching. She almost was pushed out of the nest. Almost but not quite. Next year. She's registered for it and that is another road we will take then.

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