Just a little bit crispy...

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, November 09, 2011

So over here at the Parks house hold there is never a dull day.  This day was no exception.  Job was in charge of dinner.  The menu was grilled chicken, steamed green beans and rice.  The green beans and rice are easy.  Put some water in the steamer and add green beans.  Rinse the rice, add water and push cook on the rice cooker.  The grilled chicken is another story.  We are trying to teach the kids how to cook before they leave home so their dinners aren't cereal or McDonalds.  John took Job outside and showed him how to turn on the gas to the grill.  Then turn the knobs to high before using the firestarters.  The grill starters don't work so we have to manually start it.  Job is a little on the small side so he's really close to the grill.  He was holding the fire starter and clicking and clicking and clicking.  Suddenly the spark caught and shot out this ignited cloud of propane that went past Job's head.  It quickly disappeared and Job was just standing there no longer clicking.  He ws chaperoned the whole time.  John was standing right next to him and watched the whole thing happen.  It took less than a second.  He brought Job inside and this is what I saw.  Look closely at his eyebrows and eye lashes. 

Il y a un accident avec le bbq.  Job essaye de demarrer le bbq.  Il ouvrit le gaz et quand il commence le feu, le gaz vite est en feu et bruit les cheuveux, les sourcils et les cils de Job.  C'est le nuit de Job cuire le dinner.  John est avec Job quand tous ce passe.  Il entre la maison avec des grands yeux et je vite pris un photo.

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