Just a Trim

By Leslie Parks - Friday, July 27, 2012

Funny how sometimes we make rash decisions and then regret them.  Isaac knew that I would never expect for him to get a buzz cut.  When he walked into church while I was getting Sunday School stuff ready and he pulled off his hood, I loudly drew my breath in and placed my hands over my mouth.  I couldn't speak at first all I could do was look.    He couldn't speak when it was done.  Here are some of the reactions that he received:
You're brave kid.
What did you do?
Did you pay for that?
Lona broke down in tears.  Isaac had to console her about his hair.
John didn't say anything and Job, well he just smiled (evilly)
Our neighbor just raised her eyebrows and then broke out into a smile.

I bought hin a hat.  His dome hasn't seen sun since he was two.  I like it and John thinks it looks sharp.  Isaac, well lets just say he may never do this again or he may never have a punk rock gal cut his hair again because 1/8th inch is not what he got.

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