A Run: Lake Padden Mudfest

John and I pulled into the parking lot at Lake Padden around 9 am.  There were a few others and orange cones were being placed around the building near the playground.  People were starting to stretch and warm up with little runs. The ground was dry and the sun made it warm, so warm that layers were being shed and the turn out that normally was around 100 people was down to about 70+. John walked over to the preregistration table and they pulled out his race number and handed him a safety pin.  Another gentlemen from work showed up and they started talking.  I was soaking up the beautiful day.  At 9:50 they yelled for everyone to line up at the basketball court and to get ready for the race to start.  I stepped away and started taking photos.  The race leader yelled go and the race began.  Originally I was just going to take photos of John but then realized that with so few people I could take photos of everyone.  I walked over to the mid point of the race and waited for maybe 10 minutes or so before the leader ran through.  I tried a few shots there but it was dark and just not the best.  It wasn't until I walked back to the starting/finishing line that I found some beautiful light.  I set up near the finish line and started snapping photos as people came across.  There were a few shots I didn't get as people were in the way however I think out of 70+ I have 68 of them.  I'm hoping to place them on flickr and then people can download their photo.

 You have to love it when he's smiling as he crosses the finish line.  He came in 36 out of 83 people.

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