Time Away: Part 2

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, November 21, 2015

I awake and focus on the wood plank ceiling, remembering that I am not at home.  My gaze goes to the window and the light that is filtering into the room. I haven't closed the shutters preferring the light rather than the darkness that shutters bring. The shutters, well if I close them, the light won't come in and neither will the words that play through my mind. I lay quietly as words weave and knit the two languages together. They play games hiding and peeking out, voices and the phrases that go with them are jumbled. A week of living in another country with another language and my mind is on overload. I find words that are fun to have roll off my tongue or frequent phrases that are used over and over again. Words that I probably have heard before but now am trying out for the first time. Words that embody the very action or thing that they are describing. Bousculer meaning to push, bump or shove or to have a rushed life.  It is a word that I notice everywhere even on TV during a soccer game. A word that seems to embody the whole of the time I'm here since my time is the very opposite of bousculer.  On verra, a phrase that also runs through this time.  It's a maybe, a polite way of saying no, a "I'm not sure".  These words have become the motto almost for this time away. Maybe this will happen, we'll see if that works out, I'm not sure if we will be able to.  But each time it is used, it is comfortable and not at all a disappointment.

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