A Date: Boulevard Park

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So many spring evenings in the Pacific Northwest are gray drizzly affairs and then we get these spring nights that pop like a firecracker with color and promises of summer evenings. We like many others gather at Boulevard Park to stroll unhurried along the waterfront looking out at the beauty this place has to offer. I marvel at the gulls gliding over the pier hoping for bread thrown to them. I laugh at the dog whose sole focus is to retrieve his "bird" from the fridged water hardly noticing anything else. I gaze in wonder at the buds forming on the walnut tree with the moon peaking through the branches or the buds from the wild roses along the path. I am overwhelmed by the colors of the sunset and the breathtaking view of this part of the world. I slowly sip my coffee sharing it with John as we talk, dream, and laugh. May I never become complacent in seeing the beauty here.

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