By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Isaac has loved being a referee.  He gets up in the morning and checks out the referee site.  He schedules three games each week at the beginning of the season for Saturdays.  First thing Friday morning he looks to see if there are any more open games so that he can add them to his Saturday schedule.  On Saturdays John drops Isaac off at the fields at 8:30 and we don't see him again until 4:00 in the afternoon.  He packs a lunch and extra socks and goes to work.  Last weekend he received his paycheck.  He doesn't just ref for fun but because he is getting paid.  He just signed up for a Bridge Clinic in order to earn his grade 8 black badge. This will allow him to referee U10 and U11 games which pay more money.  These clinics aren't free and this one will cost $75.  Just like last time we will only pay for part of it.  John and I have decided that the kids will take ownership in passing their tests and paying attention if they have to pay for it. 

This goes for their higher education too.  They have to make the investment themselves then they will be more likely to take it seriously.

Isaac aime de faire un arbitre.  Chaque matin il se reveille et voit le site d'arbitre par internet.  Il choisit trois match par samedi.  Puis tout suite vendredi matin, il cherche pour plus matches qui n'a pas un arbitre le jour prochain. Samedi matin, John lui pris au terrain de football a huit heure et demi.  Nous ne voyons pas que 4 heures d'apres midi.  Il pris une sandwhich et des autres chaussettes avec lui.  Il aime de gagner d'argent pour faire un arbitre.  Il faut qu'il pris une classe pour faire un arbitre des enfants qui sont 10 et 11 ans.  Ca coute $75.  Il faut que Isaac paie le demi.  Nous pensons que c'est meiux que Isaac payer alors la classe est plus important a lui.  Nous pensons ca pour son education a l'universite aussi.  Si ca coute un peut, c'est deviens plus important.

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