The Playstation

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, October 20, 2011

For many years we haven't had a gaming system.  Our philosophy has been: we have a computer and you can play games on it so why spend money on a game system.  We only give our kids 20 minutes a day on the computer anyway.  There are so many other things for them to do instead of playing on the computer.  We've heard so many reasons to get a gaming system and those reasons came from adults.  Last year around Christmas time we decided to get a blue ray player and both the Xbox and PlayStation have blue ray capabilities.  So we thought about it and thought about and researched it.  In the end we decided against it.  Again it came down to we have a computer and many games but the kids have one game in particular that they like to play.  That game can only be played online.  It isn't available on either gaming system.  They have friends from church and neighborhood friends and summer friends that all play the same game, so why buy a gaming system.  Well, last week a neighbor boy came over and offered Isaac his old PlayStation for free with 15 or so games.  Apparently his uncle had purchased an xbox played it a while and then gave it to this neighbor boy.  John relented since it was free and then promptly ran out to buy another controller.  ( There was only one that worked).  John looked at wireless controllers but they were outrageously expensive.  I let them move the love seat but have decided that is NOT going to happen all the time. I do hear everyday, "Can I play the PS2?"   I wonder how long that will last.  They even tried to renegotiate their "computer" time.  No way. On rainy days I may allow more PS2 time if they read first.  I coming up with all sorts of uses with it.

Pour plusiere d'annee nous avons decider de n'acheter pas un Xbox ou Playstation (des jeux pour le television).  Nous pensons que c'est plus cher et nous avons des jeux sur l'ordinatuer, alors nous n'avons pas besoin un Xbox.  Le noel passee, nous avons decider d'achete un blue-ray.  Playstation et XBox ont un blu-ray ensemble.  Mais apres de penser et de rechercher, nous avons penser que c'est trop cher just pour jouer des jeux et voir des films.  Les enfants aiment seulement un jeu par l'ordinatuer.  Ils ont jeuer avec leurs amis d'eglise, d'ecole, et de football.  Alors un Playstation n'est pas pour nous.  Le semaine dernier, un ami d'Isaac lui donne un Playstation et 15 jeux - libre, sans paier.  Son oncle achete un Xbox et donne a l'ami d'Isaac.  Alors il donne son Playsation a Isaac.  Tout de suite John vas au marche pour acheter une manette de jeux.  Seulement une marche.  Maintenant les enfants me demande de jouer le Playstation.  Mais comme l'ordinateur je leurs dit seulement pour 20 minutes. 

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