The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

By Leslie Parks - Monday, February 13, 2012

John is an engineer.  It is part of him just like his brown eyes and hair.  He can't help being analytical.  It's not a bad trait but it is a trait.  It's not that he doesn't just color inside the lines but that he makes the lines other people color.  He has a work flow that he usually follows when making decisions.  This comes as natural to him as an artist being able to sketch an outline of an apple.  We have three children.  One of them has the engineering trait to the 10th power.  It just comes natural to him.  Job's always thinking of what people need to create.  He wanted to invent a device for the post office so that delivering mail would be easier and they wouldn't have to purchase special vehicles.  He also questions things such as why does sound change as it gets closer and farther.  His favorite books are science books.  Lately he has been reading his algebra book during lunch.  It's a basic algebra book and just introduces algebra but he loves it.  These are some of his strengths and his weaknesses.  What this means is that he splits hairs. Things are black or white but there isn't much grey in his life. Anyhow I was cleaning up papers the other day and I found a work flow chart in Job's handwriting.  It just came natural to him.  We had kids over and he was explaining to them how he creates his Legos. He used a work flow chart to show them.  I have never taught that to him.  John has never taught that to him.  It just comes natural. 

John est un ingenieur.  C'est une partie de lui comme son cheuveux et ses yeux.  Ce n'est pas possible de penser autrement.  Ce n'est pas mal, c'est juste lui.  Il ne couleur pas a l'interier des lignes, il cree les lignes.  Il a graphique de flux de travail qu'il utilize quand il faut faire un decision.  C'est naturale pour lui de penser comme ca.  C'est comme un artiste qui peut deseiner une pomme.  Nous avons trois enfants.  Un enfant pense le meme comme John mais plus encore. Il toujours demande des questions des chose autour de lui.  " Pour quoi des bruit change quand il deviens plus pres ou plus loin de moi? "
Il aussi pense des chose que nous avons besoin.  Il veut creer quelque chose d'aider le poste alors le poste factor n'a pas besoin une voiture speciale.  Ses histoires favorite sont des livres de science, mais recemment il lit son livre d'algebre.  Ces sont des traits bon et mal.  Il aime des chose noir ou blanc mais pas au milleu.  L'autre jour je nettoye des papier et je voir un graphique de flux de travail que Job a faire.  Je ne l'enseign pas ni n'a John.  C'est natural pour Job de penser comme ca.

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