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By Leslie Parks - Thursday, February 09, 2012

Still soccer season.  In fact soccer season is year round really.  Both Job and Lona have added a new position to their repitoire:  Goalie.  Their coaches have asked them to step up and play this position.  Lona has been reluctant but with such an insistent coach she could hardly refuse.  Actually Job's coach was absent and the substitute coach was just as insistent with him.  True Lona's coach and Job's substitute coach were one and the same:  John.  It is such a hard position.  As a parent I feel every goal that goes by them.  I stress for them and pray for them, mostly for the attitude of the other parents towards my children.  It's hard to know when to come out of the goalie box and attack the ball or when to be more defensive and stop the ball.  It's a tough call that each goalie has to make and sometimes it's the right decision and sometimes it's the wrong decision.  Either way I have to commend the goalies.  The shots they block are fast and hard.  The game is quick and there isn't a lot of reaction time. 

C'est toujours le saison de football.  En fait le football n'est jamais termine; c'est tout annee.  Job et Lona commencent de jouer une nouvelle position:  gardien.  Leurs entraineurs lui demandent de jouer cette position.  Leurs entraineur sont le meme personne:  John.    Comme un parent, je suis en sousis pour mes enfants et prie pour les attitudes des autres parents envers mes enfants.  C'est une difficile position.  C'est dur de decide d'attrape le balle ou battre le balle.  Le jeu est vite.  Je pense que c'est la position le plus difficile.

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