A Run

As we walk down the sidewalk, the air is filled with the musical sound of bells. They are everywhere. People have attached them to everything from their hats to their shoes. The dogs are wearing bells on their collars, their leashes and even their sweaters. The jingling and jangling is growing louders as people meet up with friends.Their is laughter in the air as well. Soon the loud speaker blares out instructions but I can't quite make it out due to the melodic noise. I just move along with the flow of people being careful to keep my kids within in sight. Finally we find an empty pocket of space among the throng of people. People are excitedly jumping around and there are all kinds of Christmas outfits, from Clara and her nutcracker to full sized gingerbread men. Girls are wearing tutus and elf ears. We only have bells on our shoes and I have cheetah print Santa hat. I hear the word "Go" from the loud speaker and the throng starts to move in one direction, slowly at first and then picking up speed. It soon stretches out into a long line of sorts.  Isaac and Lona pick up their stride and they are gone. After the first quarter mile, I no longer see them and that leaves Job to run with me. I keep looking for the mile markers but I don't see any and then I hear a dad remark to his boy half way.   We've come 1.6 miles and I'm happy but not sure I can make the rest of the way. I look down and realize that Job has his Vans on. I guess he doesn't have any running shoes but he's a trooper and keeps going. We finally head back towards the start line and I'm happy. It's down hill. We are still being lapped by runners and I realize that we will be the whole way. I'm just not fast. We come to the corner to run around the high school and someone is handing out donuts. Ugg, I can't imagine eating something that heavy after running and still having about a 1/3 of mile left to go. I just want to finish with out puking. That's what I feel like right now. Just a little further I tell Job but it's really to encourage myself.  The last corner and we start to sprint. I look up at the clock right before the finish line and it's just over 29 minutes!  Immediately I start to look around for a hydration station.  I need water and now. In doing so I run into Isaac and Lona. They finished in just over 26 minutes.  Not bad for them.  Isaac says it's his personal best.  I'm excited because he hasn't been running at all.  Oh, to be young and just get up and run a 5K.  This second time of running the Jingle Bell run was so much better than the first.  We may try it out again next year.

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