A Tradition: Gifts

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, December 18, 2014

I walked over to the display case and looked at each shelf very carefully, scanning row after row looking for the perfect one.  I looked at the next shelf and the next. I walked around to the other side of the display case looking and looking. I couldn't find it.  I thought hard about it, contemplating another option. Maybe I can use something else, maybe I don't need the perfect one. In my mind it had to be the one, but in reality it is only a symbol. I have this vision that I'm hoping becomes a tradition and has a story behind it. A tradition year after year, of putting some one else first, someone that I don't know and will never meet. The other day I reached out my hand and put my small grey key into the lock. I slowly turned left, opening the box. I reached my hand inside and pulled out the contents expecting something else than what I got. It was orange with a star on it and was filled with photographs on each page. I scanned it and an idea slowly began to form in my mind. An idea that could if everyone bought into it would start a tradition. Each year I try to think of the perfect gift to give to my family and friends. They in turn try to do the same for me. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. Sometime I get caught up in what I want. I sat there that day looking at the photographs and realized yes, there are things I want but nothing that I need. What if, instead of getting something for me for Christmas, John used that money to give to someone who needed it. What if that became the thing to get me for Christmas from John and the kids.  They could pour over the catalog each year deciding where and what they want to give to.  Then this symbol could be re wrapped each year and placed under the tree for me to open with a little note of who it may have helped. It makes me excited to think of starting this kind of tradition with the gifts.  There are some people that I know exactly what I want to get them and it is the same each year, I am hopeful that this will become the same for me. A tradition with WorldVision.

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