It's 6 am, the coffee is brewing in the coffee pot. The piggers are popcorning in their cage and Skagit is snoring in his kennel.  John is getting ready for work and the kids are slowly rolling out of bed. I pour my self a cup of coffee and add a little sugar and sit down at the computer. My routine, scan Facebook.  Is there anything that has happened in my circle that I need to know about? Wait, what did my friend Marie post?  A list of things that she wants and dreams about doing in this year. The headings are all fun sounding. How cool is that? I'm so loving her headings, that I decide to copy them. In fact I'm going to use her list as inspiration for this new year. So I scan her headings and choose which ones will fit for me.  All.
Health/Well Being

I get excited and my mind starts turning, racing with ideas but need more help. She sends me her complete list and I peruse it, thinking about my current situation and how it may go together. Opening a journal, I start practicing letters and once more feel like I'm in grade school working on penmenship. I open a book my friend Tara gave me and look at different lettering styles. I want my list to be beautiful and inspiring for myself. I am so visual. I find a primer for cursive in French. There are some letters that are shaped differently than American letters.  Look it up.  One thing I want to learn is calligraphy so I  grab a notebook, which I realize that I'm starting to collect.  I open it and start practicing calligraphy and shaping the letters just right. This snowballs to my bible journal too.  I am inspired.  The only thing is that I want to do everything on my list this week but it is supposed to be a year thing. I have to pace myself.  Maybe I should make this for each month.  There is more thinking to be done.

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