A Cozy Home

I slowly mozey over to the couch with a cup of coffee in hand and plop down.  Plop is definitely the correct word, meaning to sit, fall or drop heavily and then there is the word mozey' meaning to move slowly or in a leisurely manner.  Both of these words to me have the connotation of being cozy and wrapped with warmth and familiarity.  In a formal setting you really don't plop or mozey but I want to be able to do that in my house.  I open a book about photography, knitting or being domestic, maybe my bible, a devotional, a library book or a favorite magazine. I grab the quilt that is draped over the back of the couch and pull it over me so that it covers my legs.  The dog saunters into the room with his chew bone and squeezes his body between the trunk and the couch.  He groans as he lays down and puts his head between his outstretched paws.  The sun slowly rises and light starts to fill the room. The silence of the morning surrounds the house and invades every nook and cranny we have. The stillness soaks into my body and I sit content and quiet.  I lean over and pick up my coffee cup to take a sip and I drink in my surroundings.  Pinterest is full of tips to make a cozy home, a redecorated home, an instyle home but I realize that my home is full of what makes it all that and a bag of chips. It can't be found on Pinterest.  I can't Google it.  It isn't tangible.  It is the quiet moments in the morning or loud laughter and the bantering around the dinner table.  It's the moments when one of my boys walks up to me and gives me a hug and the sigh that comes out when I wrap my arms around them. It is the piano music floating out of the family room as my daughter practices or the times her face lights up when she's telling me a story. It's the friends that walk through the door without knocking because they know they are family. It's the opening of the fridge from adolescent boys. It's the swing in the front tree in motion from neighborhood kids regardless of the presence of my kids. It's the moment my husband walks through the front door, giving me a kiss as I put my head on his chest. There will always be a new style, a new pinterest definition of coziness but I think that I've found it in my home.

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