An Observation: Vanderyatch Park

By Leslie Parks - Monday, February 02, 2015

The light shining through the bare stick trees which cast long thin shadows on the ground; the pale pink flowers blooming out of season on the entry way bushes and the silver frosted grass all greet me as I turn my van into the parking area of the dog-friendly park.  I look in the rear-view mirror and see the dog on high vibrate due his car anxiety and also anticipation of a run and hopefully a swim.  Such a beautiful morning for a run or walk, and just to drink in the beauty of this small hometown park.  I have only 30 minutes to take advantage of this quiet time.  Everywhere I look, I see beauty. There is so much here and each time I come it is different.  Sometimes the difference is stark and screams out the change and sometimes it's so subtle that if I don't take time to look around, I miss it.  It's quiet and I can't help but be reflective and contemplative on these walks with my camera and partner in crime, Skagit who just enjoys being outside with one of his people.

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