An Adventure: Tulips

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, May 09, 2015

“Lona time to get up!” my mom shouted from downstairs “Were leaving for the tulip fields in an hour!”
“Okay!” I shouted back but really I just sat up in my bed for about 15-20 more minutes. After a couple more times of my mom telling me to get up I tried to quickly pack my camera, gloves, and warm clothes completely forgetting to eat. I quickly rushed to the kitchen to stuff some food in my mouth and as I was eating I overheard my brother Job asking my mom if our close family friends the Wrights could come with us. Job called to ask and say we were leaving in 5 minutes (great time warning….) but Aunt Tara (A.K.A. Mrs. Wright) said that they couldn't because her kids hadn't gotten up yet. As soon as we were ready to leave Aunt Tara texted back and said that they could come but they would be at our house in 15 minutes. My mom quickly took the time to have us pick up the house. After what seemed like 30 or 45 minutes J the Wrights arrived. After my mom yelling at me a couple times because I was taking forever trying to finish organizing my drawer, putting on warm clothes, and tripping over the mess I call my room, the boys Job (14), Johnny (10), and Stephen (about 6….) and Aunt Tara jumped into the Wrights old Toyota sienna. Us Girls Danica (15), Ellie (14), and Meh (12), and my Mom got into our Honda minivan and we drove off to Roosenguard to go find some tulips!

After a fun car ride talking about fun summer activities we did, my mom said “where are the tulips!?!” I looked up not knowing what to expect and we saw huge fields full of tulip stems and dirt! “What the heck?!” I said. Forgetting all about what we were talking about I sat there in awe of the sad fields of nothingness. “Well I guess we have to go to Tulip Town to see some tulips” my Mom said. After telling Aunt Tara the news Ellie and I started making fun of the name “Tulip Town” How can you not?!? It’s a hilarious name! J After a couple minutes of driving in the direction of Tulip Town J we noticed a little yellow and red in the distance! “Tulips!” my mom said. We quickly figured out that they were tulips at Roosenguard.  We called up Aunt Tara to ask if she was seeing the same sea of tulips that we were seeing, she said no so we just told her to meet us in the Roosenguard parking lot. As soon as we got there we decided to meet up by the honey-buckets. When we saw Aunt Tara and the dorks God decided to call our brothers we headed to the booth to pay lots of money to see lots of tulips. As soon as we passed the booth I immediately saw a big lumpy tree surrounded by tulips, so I decided to name it lumpy. J We decided to wander through the beautifully garnished yard of tulips of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We saw purple ones, pink ones (that I’m not sure they were even tulips), orange ones, red/orange/yellow ones, and whatever color you could possibly think of they had them. After a twisty turny yard of tulips we decided to go and get something to eat. We got in line to buy some carmel corn and we realized that is was pretty pricey so we all got into our cars and ate our packed lunch.

When we came back we decided to go through the huge sea of tulips. It had rows and rows and rows
and rows and rows and rows of tulips. We took some awesome hipster, silly, and fun photos and selfies. Ellie is taking a photography class from my mom so it was great for them to talk and for my mom to help Ellie. Danica and I were of course the gorgeous models. We were fantastic. I tried to get the boys to model for me but they just couldn't stand still. They tried but it didn't work out as well as I thought it would in my head. They can’t resist the urge to photo-bomb and do silly faces that they know you hate J. We wandered around the field for a little bit of time while the boys plotted to have a sleepover since it was spring break. It was great to finally take a step away from the life of crazy and just stop and smell the flowers.

After looking at the tulips we went to a little gift shop/antique store. It was a small wooden shack/cabin. It had glass tulips, tulip lights, teacup tulips, tulip aprons, and just about anything tulip or farmish. They had cute little typography signs and fun little teacups that were so cute! They boys hated it. They kept  saying “can we go now?” typical…..they will do anything to get out of an antique shop J. We weren't in it for long we decided it was time to leave. But first we went through the biggest garden lined with huge   and tulips. It was so beautiful. They had a couple stepping stones so you could go into garden and take a really cool picture from a different perspective. As we left we decided to have a sleepover so everyone will go into the same cars we came in and we’d head home. The girls would come to my house I would pack and I would spend the night at the Wrights. And the boys would go to the wrights house get packed up and then head to my house and spend the night. 

As we driving home we got a little side tracked and we went into a HUGE garden store. They had every tree, flower, or bush you could think of. I went there once last year after looking at tulips last year with my mom. I love it there. There’s also a big poofy black cat there. As we were walking around I saw this kid holding the cat. Once I looked again I saw that the kid looked vaguely familiar he was about Isaac’s age (my older brother 16) then I saw his family. *OF COURSE!*  I thought I knew I recognized him. It was the Drury’s. Mr. Drury was Isaac’s soccer coach when he was younger. I talked to Mrs. Drury and then Aunt Tara and Mrs. Drury clicked they just started talking about stuff while Ellie, and I walked around in the room. All of a sudden I saw something in the corner of my eye. “It’s a humming bird!” I said to Ellie. I left my camera in the car but she had her camera with her so she snapped a couple really cool photos of it and then all of a sudden the boys ran up a scared the little creature and it gracefully fluttered out at an amazing speed. “why did you guys do that!?!?!” Ellie and I said. As we were yelling at the boys and getting mad at them we didn't notice another humming bird. It was Ellie this time who noticed it. “oh my gosh, oh my gosh ,oh my gosh!” I said Ellie was taking a lot of photos. I just walked away after a while and stood next to Aunt Tara for a while and I looked back and noticed that the two humming birds were standing next to each other! “that is so cool!” I said after Ellie took a whole bunch of photos we said bye to the Drury’s and walked around a little more. We eventually went into…yes….another antique
shop. After we left the shop we went into a garden supply space. My mom saw the cat and told Stephen to pick it up. He refused and said he didn't want to disturb it so

I went over there and cuddled with it and held it. While I was holding it of course Johnny and Stephen were saying “can I hold it!?” I let Stephen and then Johnny hold it and then I broke free of his arms and walked away and started eating.

We left the garden store and started to head home. I had such a fun day! It was a long day but it was so much fun! The Wrights are so much fun to hang out with. I love all the fun adventures we have with the Wrights. I defiantly want to go to the tulip fields with the Wrights again. Thanks Mom and Aunt Tara for driving us and dealing with all of our complaints! 

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