A Moment with a Mosquito

By Leslie Parks - Monday, June 22, 2015

My eyes are closed, my breathing deep and steady and my mind is in a fantasy world, millions of miles away from reality. Anything can and usually does happen in my dreams. This night though I am rousted out sleep and put into reality rather alarmingly when Job enters into the room with a yelling whisper that he can feel the wings of a mosquito flapping against his eardrum.  John meanwhile hears nothing because of the earplugs he wears.  The slightest noise will wake him and keep him awake most of the night, hence the earplugs. I scramble out of bed, grab my house coat and follow Job out the room.  Job and Lona have been outside in their hammocks for a few hours and are planning on spending the night. Until the mosquito buzzed into his ear.  It reminds me of a book titled "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ear".  I grab the cheap little otoscope and head downstairs with Job.  Taking a look in there without my glasses all I can see is something brown.  A quick search on the internet (thankful for this tool) and I have the instructions for killing and flushing a bug from the ear.

1.  Have the child stop screaming and lay down.
2.  Place a towel under the child and over the clothes.
3.  Remove the syringe from a turkey baster.
4. Fill it with oil and warm water.
5. Empty the oil water mixture repeatedly in said child's ear until the bug is flushed out.
6.  Keep the bug and look at it with a magnifying glass to ensure all parts are removed.
7. Send the child to bed inside (usually won't complain at this point).
8. Go to bed and get up a few hours later for the day.

When having children all sorts of things enter into facial cavities that were never meant to.  We've removed match box car tires from noses, a rock from an ear, and now a mosquito.  Not all  has happened to the same child. Never a dull moment, not even at night.

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