A birthday

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, June 07, 2015

 So we celebrated Isaac's birthday by purchasing four tickets to a Sounders 2 game in Tukwila.  Isaac, John and two of Isaac's buddies drove down to attend the game while we stayed home and decorated the house for him.  They had a blast and the Sounders won so that was a bonus.  The next day we celebrated low key with homemade fudge and opening presents.  Job and Lona gave him a video game and as a joke we gave him a hula doll for his car and a white board for him to do him math on.  He has been using Lona's white board and it bugs her.
At 17 he stands at 5'11" and 138 lbs.  He is in his third quarter at the community college and is doing decent.  This year he played tennis for the varsity team, played chess as was the first team fifth board ( that's good) and played on the school JV soccer team.  He refereed a game or two most (not all) weekends.  It's been a growing year for all of us. Isaac is learning what it takes to perform in a college setting while still being a productive member of the house hold.  I'm learning to stop parenting and letting him fail at things around the house. John is working with him on diabetes and being diligent.  Seems like we all have a project with Isaac.  Sometimes it sucks to grow up and become responsible.  Sometimes its great especially when you can spend an afternoon and evening watching a soccer game. This is the brink of adulthood.  The last moment to have "swag" or what we would have called the coolness factor and no real responsibilities of caring for others that are totally dependent upon him. Enjoy this time.

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