Food Truck Eateries: StrEat Food

By Leslie Parks - Friday, July 24, 2015

 This is our second food truck we've visited.  I have to say that the customer service was outstanding. We ordered our food and then waited.  This gave me time to ask questions.  They were friendly and engaging. They gave us suggestions of other food trucks to try out.  Wow, love that.  They explained how they came to purchase a food truck in the first place and why they offer gyros. I love gyros and first tasted one in a hole in the wall greek diner. Job says that they are a European taco and I guess that is pretty accurate.  Anyhow, we were given our food in brown boxes with blue and white checkered liners and walked over to our vans to eat.  Pricier than Cicchittis however, the cheeseburger was huge and so was the gyro that Job ordered. My kids couldn't finish their food which was were I came in at.  The burger was juicy and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The gyros was tangy and the meat was seared perfectly.  Then there were the fries.  I hate mushy or soggy fries these weren't that.  They were more like the steak frites from Europe.  They were crisp not crunchy and soft not mushy on the inside.  They were salty but I just shook some of the excess salt off.  Tara said they were perfect. Then came the surprise.  We were eating and talking when we were brought "samples" of their watermelon salad.  I thought the samples were quite large and that allowed all of us to try more than one bite.  Watermelon, feta, nuts, and basil with a vinaigrette.  After trying it I had to get another one to bring home and photograph it. The plus side is they had a garbage.  The downside is that I wish there was a calendar of places that they are at listed on their facebook page.  That is probably the only thing I would change.  I will be going back to eat here again.

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