Food Trucks Eateries: Cicchittis

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There are things that defines one culture.  Food is one of those things. I really think that our food culture is fast food, any kind as long as it is fast. I've read a number of books about someone's experience in another country that revolves around traditional food but what is traditional for us? We have regional dishes but when I really think about it our "food" culture is not the in the details of that little extra pinch of sage or the art of making pasta by a technique that has been past down over centuries.  No, our "food culture" is quick and cheap. Meant to be eaten while walking, driving, or standing at a street corner.  As a society we don't typically savor our meals.  Really our meals last 20 minutes? a half hour? an hour and a half at a restaurant for a fancier meal? We don't sit an savor we eat and run. Isn't that a motto somewhere? So after pondering our "food" culture I decided to play tourist in my home town and try our local food trucks with the kids. What could be faster than meals on wheels? I had the intention of visiting one each week but the week were going to start, Lona and I headed out of town. Half way through the summer we finally made it to our first food truck: Cicchitti's.  They serve pizza which you buy by the slice.  We showed up and they made a fresh whole pizza for us with each slice individually done.  The crust was not super thin but thinner than regular crust pizza and the slices were huge.  They also weren't overly cheesy which made me happy. The only downside was that there wasn't a garbage and so I carried the paper plates and cans home with me in my car. Otherwise they were friendly and reasonably priced.  Looking forward to our next adventure of Food Truck eaterys.

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