A Reflection

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, September 08, 2016

The slamming of the door echos as the kids head off to the bus stop at the end of the street. The rooms of the house are dark, quiet and still. I sit at the counter thinking of all that needs to be accomplished during the day. The appointments made, groceries bought, laundry folded and ironed, toilets cleaned. There are photos to process, posts for work, meals planned. I start in on the day and by 10 am most of it is done.  The photos are an ongoing process, each one looked at, decided upon, imported and processed so that it matches my idea in my mind. It's quiet and still.  I get up from the computer and walk around, refilling a cup of coffee or walking outside. I waited for this moment, when I could have a day of quiet, when I could contain the chaos of the house. I sit at the counter for breakfast and lunch alone now. I plan out dinner when we can be all together. I hope the oldest might Facetime and join us for dinner. I am still getting used to him being gone and the other two at school. They were at school last year but I had 2 maybe 2 1/2 hours to myself.  The oldest had classes at running start and so was home most of the day.  I think of my grandparents that have breakfast together every morning.  Right now, we all get up at the same time, but we don't eat together.  My husband stands in the kitchen and basically has a snack, some ham, a piece of fruit and half my coffee. I'm packing lunches and calling to the kids to come downstairs. They arrive at different times only to pull out cereal and milk or toast and juice, then off they go to finish getting ready. Finally the morning chaos is over and I am alone.  I shower, make the bed and finally sit down for breakfast myself only to find the rest of my coffee has grown cold. I had a sip of it. Is there a better way?

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