A Before and After

By Leslie Parks - Monday, October 03, 2016

Not quite two years and they are off.  She was so happy to get them on and then reality set in.  It didn't take long maybe twenty-four hours and she wanted to change her mind. However after 22 months of braces and bands, they came off.  It was worth it.  At least for me it was. As I look at her face, I see such a change from really a little girl to a young almost woman. I see the growth in her, the maturity as she navigates the whole school - social thing. These trips to the orthodontist were more than fixing her teeth. They were little time outs as we talked in the car to and from the office.  They were little moments of milk shakes the next day as we nursed sore teeth but also but also sad feelings or emotional highs.  I had no idea that fixing teeth was more about strengthening relationships and opening lines of communication.  The straight teeth, beautiful smile, well I think that was the bonus plan.

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