A Visit: Isaac & the Dentist

By Leslie Parks - Friday, March 24, 2017

John and I have put down roots here and things like finding a dentist or doctor can be hard and stressful.  There were doctors and dentists that we loved in Montana. It took a while here, but we found some. Then they retired or moved to different offices to provide different kinds of care and we've had to start over.  Sometimes, they've sold their practice to others and the feel and the relationship has changed which is what happened with our dentist. We have tried repeatedly to get his teeth fixed.  For the past 2 years, he's had a retainer that has a tooth set in it. We aren't ready for a permanent solution and on a recommendation from an awesome orthodontist, (Dr. Shoff), we decided to have a bonded tooth put in. We tried at Thanksgiving, but our dentist at the time, hadn't really listened to me. The office kept trying to reschedule his appointment to a different date, he was only at home for a week. There multiple calls like that even though I explained that the kid was away at college. Oh, yes they remembered and then I would get another call can he come in the week before or that day.  "No, he lives in Pullman, Oh, yes, that 's right." When Isaac finally went in at his scheduled time, the dentist was preparing to put in bridges.  We didn't want that, we were still thinking about an implant. I had personally talked to the dentist on two different occasions to discuss exactly what we were trying to accomplish and yet he wanted to grind down his teeth for the bridge. So we made a switch to a different dentist (Dr. Miller).  I made the appointment for a teeth cleaning, an exam, and to have a bonded tooth placed in the gap. This all had to happen in a week.  The kid was home only for that one week of Spring Break.  I went in to the office to explained what needed to be done. No problem. Spring break came, Isaac went in and they took care of it.  He spent the whole morning in the office but his teeth were cleaned, he had a check up and the best part, they put the tooth in!  Then the dentist made him a new retainer for the night since he tends to grind his teeth a bit. There was no confusion, no additional work, no repeated calls to come in a week early or to move the appointment, no prep to grind down his teeth.  He came out of the dentist office with a beautiful smile! He always had a beautiful smile but now with confidence.  I couldn't have been more pleased. There is something to be said about having a health care professional you can trust and I felt like we were listened to, not as a patient that provided income.

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