A Date: Christianson Nursery

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There is this place that is so calming, inviting, beautiful, full of life, so special.  I discovered it by accident one spring as I was exploring the tulip fields in the neighboring county. It had this unassuming sign out front and I just had to pull into the parking lot. As soon as I stepped out, I was hooked.  It had been three years since stumbling upon this place and I've wanted to take my "plant-guy" husband here. Finally, one snowy winter weekend day, we had time. Time for that drive to this beautiful nursery. We walked onto the nursery property and started to look around. They had just moved all their Hellebores into one of their main greenhouse.  The greenhouse has cobblestone flooring, cement tables, huge glass ceilings, and doors on sliding hardware.  Many of the greenhouses there have been restored with salvaged materials. I could wander all day on this little 7 acre nursery. It isn't just the plants, but it is the whole experience. In fact, I want to design my kitchen cupboards based upon the counters of the garden store. It feels timeless and comfortable.

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