A Hike: Raptor Ridge

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, June 03, 2017

I love hiking.  There is so much to see and notice. Sometimes I can get lost in just noticing big stuff that needs to be done. Then I go hiking, bringing my macro lens with me and start to notice small things such as a mushroom colony on a log, a snail moving across the trail, a beautiful blue fly on a white mushroom.  There is a whole other world waiting to be noticed, encountered, and marveled at.  I'm lucky because I have a family that wants to marvel at the same things. Lona, John and I headed out to Raptor Ridge to enjoy the day.  I can't remember where the boys were but it wasn't with us. We aren't far away from civilization on this hike but you feel like you are. The trail lined with ferns almost as big as a person, the moss covered trees creating a canopy and the stones creating stairs all contribute to being far from anything man made. The little spur that offers a vantage point was our destination and still the hills covered any kind of view of civilization. I feel so blessed to live in an area that can be enjoyed and isn't swallowed up by concrete and machines.

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