Lona's Surprise Birthday!

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, July 09, 2011

Waiting, Attendez

Lona has been talking about what kind of birthday party she wanted.  Her ideas changed weekly and finally I decided to tell her that she wasn't having a friend birthday party this year.  She was still excited about her birthday though.  I called/ gave invitations to a few of the gals she hangs out with.  Movie star night with a viewing of Tangled.   I had John take her out to get pizza and ice cream from the store.  Lucky for me we didn't have to twist her arm.  She's usually up for going on errands. As soon as she left the house, I started decorating - hanging paper balloons from her party the year before and putting up the studio backdrop.
This was also the first year that we allowed her friends to bring presents.  The girls showed up and played foosball and jumped on the trampoline until I received the text from Isaac that they were on their way.  The girls were crowding the window for her and giggled into place, peering out from behind the backdrop.  Lona walked through the door talking to me, set the ice cream down on the dining room table and the girls jumped out at her yelling surprise. 
She screamed and turned beet red.  It was hilarious.  Our neighbors were bbqing and could hear her scream.  The gals ate pizza, played on the trampoline, watched part of tangled, ate ice cream and cinnamon rolls, decorated headbands and sunglasses, and watched Lona open presents.  And then it was over.  Hopefully she was truly surprised.
Cette annee, je decide que je donne un fete surprise pour Lona.  J'ai invite ses amis, achete des lumiere du soliel et des bandeaux.  John, Lona et Isaac ont achetes des pizzas et des glaces.  Quand Lona a quitte la maison j'ai rapidement decore la maison.  Les filles sont arrives et nous attendons pour l'arriver de Lona.  Quand elle entre la maison, elle commence de me dire un histoire.  Les filles sont derrier d'elle et ont crie "Surprise!" Elle a donne un grand cri.  Notre voisin qui est dehords entend Lona.  Elle rougit et rire.  Les filles ont manger la pizza, voir un filme, jouer un feu, metre des bijoux sur des lumiere et bandeaux, prendre des photos, et voir Lona ouvre des cadeaux.  Apres trois heures, c'est finir. J'espere que Lona est vraiment surprise.

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