The reason I couldn't be there

By Leslie Parks - Friday, July 01, 2011

I have this class and I've been trying to get my assignments done.  One of the assignments was to turn in 2 underexposed photos.  My idea was to get family silhouette shots at Boulevard Park.  We made plans and it turned cloudy.  We tried for the next night but again it was cloudy.  Every night until Wednesday night.  Wednesday night was the first night of book study but it also cleared up and promised to have a gorgeous sunset.  I look up times for sunset and right during book study. 
So I skipped book study and planned with the family to have a family photo shoot/ get my assignment done night.  I plan on leaving around 7:30.  I had asked Isaac during the day if there was chess.  Nope, everyone is out of town.  Call and make sure.  No one answered any of their phones so of course he was right.  7pm one of the chess players arrive.  There goes my family photo shoot.  And by this time, book study had already started.  Not showing up 1/2 late for the first day.  I had only made it through 1 1/2 chapters and none of the workbook. 
But I did still have two very willing girls wanting to go to the park.  They dressed up in some of Lona's dance outfits and he raced the sun to get to the Park in time for the sunset.  We spent about 45 minutes there, finished my photography assignment and stopped at McDonald's.  I accomplished both the underexposed and the out of focus part of this assignment.  It took a long time to come up with my vision and then thinking and studying how to implement it.
Presque tous les jours il y a beaucoup des nuages.  Quelque fois il pluet, mais toujours les nuages.  Je pris une classe de photographie.  Je ne peut pas finir mes devoirs au cause des nuages.  Finalement, il fait beau pour le fin de la jour. J'ai pris ma chance et conduire a la plage avec Lona et une amie.  J'ai place les fille et dit, "jouez ici."  Elles ont commencer de jouer et j'ai pris cette photos.  Et voilia, je finis mes devoirs.

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