Brace Face

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, August 30, 2012

Job has been asking and asking and waiting and waiting for braces.  He smiles and laughs but I know that he doesn't feel all that comfortable with how his teeth look.  Unfortunately he looks like me with the spaces.  Finally the day has come and we took him to get his braces on today.  It was a long appointment.  We arrived at 9:30 and left at 11:45, yes over 2 hours.  Then to Sonics for a milk shake.  For the next few days we will be on a soft food diet:  pasta, pasta, milk shake, milk shake, milk shake, yogurt, maybe some pudding, but lots of pasta.  I do look forward to when he's done with braces what he'll look like then.  This seems like another right of passage in his short little life.   

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