Highs and Lows

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Sometimes highs and lows come so close together.  Sometimes I feel guilty for having those highs after the lows.  July has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me.  The highs have been dropping off my kids for their annual visit to my mothers, the trip to Chicago and Naperville with John, taking the youth of our church out on our boat, and Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center.  The low was the death of my father.  All of this happened in a month.  There have been blessings as well such as having my kids with me while I drove home after learning about my father.  They made me be strong.  Having my Mom and my husband hold me while I cried.  Finding that getting out of the house and having a commitment helped as well. The biggest blessing for me is knowing that God is in control, that he ordained this from the beginning, that He knows what is in my heart.   It's ok to have a high after a low.

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