Making Ornaments

By Leslie Parks - Friday, December 07, 2012

doesn't he look excited?
I really wonder how much longer I can get Isaac to participate in some of our advent activities.  The activities so far have been decorate the tree, make cookies, ornaments and treats, read Christmas stories, send Christmas cards and others.  For the ornaments this year, I ordered these really cool snowglobe type things from the internet.  It came in a package of three which meant one for each child.  I also picked up an easy paper ornament kit from Micheals.  I thought we'd start with the easy ornament and work up to the snowglobe stuff.  Yeah the easy wasn't so easy. The buttons were too small and the baker's twine started to unravel but we perservered.  We had about 45 minutes to complete all of it as a group before we went our seperate ways to different activities.  We had Christmas carols playing in the background and in my mind it would be a Currier and Ives type of moment.  Who am I kidding.  We are so not that.  There was a whole lot of teasing and laughing at my expense I might add.  By the time I got everything ready and started helping kiddos with their stuff we had about 10 minutes.  I snapped a few photos and then it was a whirlwind getting out the door.  Sometimes I think that we are more of a Caddy Shack "You're going to take what you get Spalding and like it" kind of family than a sweet Sound of Music family.  Hmm I better adjust my ideals to match reality more.  I wonder what my kids are going to remember about Christmas. 

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