Ice Skating

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, December 02, 2012

We have entered a new world in sports.  Ice Skating.  Job has talked about hockey for about three years.  I realized this when I went back looking at blogposts and photos.  When I realized that he hasn't given up this obession I talked to John about it.  We agreed to let him try ice skating as in figure skating.  You can't play hockey if you can't skate right?  And learn to skate lessons are less expensive than hockey lessons and they include 3 practice times and gear rental.  So now Job skates at least twice a week.  He bought hockey skates and is now thinking of "flipping" them on craig's list for a pair of figure skates.  We were able to jump in half way through the season.  They started him at level 1, then moved him to level 2, then level 3 and now he's at level 4.  This happened his first day.  He was able to transfer many of what he's learned on roller blades to figure skating.  After about a month, he's decided that he wants to skate through high school.  I thought John was going to faint.  He was hoping that Job would not like it and miss soccer.  He misses soccer but not enough to give up figure skating.  The other day he was on the ice for a couple of hours didn't dress warm enough and came off the ice in tears.  I thought great maybe he'll change his mind and want to do soccer.  Nope, he wants to ice skate.  He likes figure skating.  John on the other hand won't say anything but really wants Job to be more interested in soccer.  Figure skating isn't John's idea of a manly sport but Job doesn't really look at things the same way.  Things don't have to be cool or manly or in style, things just have to interest him.

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