almost 4.0

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anytime I get on his case Isaac reminds that he is a 4.0.   I quickly remind him that he's only a 3.96 student and not a 4.0.  He just smiles.  Anytime he wants to do something, he pulls out the 4.0 card.  I reply, nope your only a 3.96 student so you need to study harder.  It's become a joke around our house.  Although I have to say that I am happy about his grades.  It took us/him a long time to get to this point.  Middle school saw him trying to figure out the friends at school thing, the teacher thing, the being away from home thing, the turning into a teenager thing, the growing thing.  It seems as though between the end of middle school and the beginning of high school he changed.  He's more diligent then he ever has been.  Oh, his teachers still say he needs to work on his organizational skills but he's so much better than he was.  It helps that he can check his grades and they are updated weekly sometimes daily.  It helps that he can go in and talk to the teachers and get his work early when he's gone.  It helps that they are willing to help a young unorganized but willing to work student. At school they have block scheduling so that he doesn't have every class every day and that kind of schedule is his thing.  He also has started to hang out more with kids that have the same attitude towards school.  They compete to who has the best grades.  I like that.  I just hope that it stays a friendly competition.   He's also done some activities that help him stay diligent.  In the fall, he reffed and played soccer and played tennis for school.  In the winter he has joined the chess team and made the varsity B team and played indoor soccer. I really think that being involved with activities helps.

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