Happy Valentine's Day

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last week this wonderful thoughtful little girl planned and executed a Valentine's Day party for all her friends and their moms.  Lona and I were blessed to have been invited.  Some of these girls we haven't seen for years and others we were able to meet and get to know that day.  We arrived to a beautifully decorated table with treats for everyone.  After a cute tea party, the girls dressed up and took photos followed by a game similar to Taboo but for kids.  It was amazing some of the vocabulary and ingenuity that the girls had to describe a word without using a certain list of words.  Our hostess was the most amazing. Swimming with out using water, pool, laps, or swim suit was described as something you do at an aquatics center.  I have a hard time not thinking of the taboo words.  She quickly went through eleven cards with her team mates guessing correctly.  The girls were having a hard time with four taboo words and I thought we need to only do two taboo words but with her, she could have handled 5 or 6 taboo words because of her large vocabulary.  Other girls were amazing at guessing.  We have decided that we need that game especially for car trips.

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