A Help

I wander towards the dock this time in the morning with my coffee in  hand. I pause a moment at an oyster bed that has been uncovered by the tide going out. I place my books down grabbing my camera and explore, looking at the reflection of the mountains in the tide pool. The clouds hugging the mountains in little wisps. The sun lighting just the tops of them. I return to my bag and cup of coffee. I feel an urge to sit and be still, to soak up the peace and gentleness that surrounds this little almost monkish like sanctuary. I dig through my bag for my bible and open it up to the Psalms and I read but it didn't fit this place.  I set down my bible and take a couple deep breaths just trying to get the most out of the beauty surrounding me.  I again pick up my bible and read the next Psalm, Psalm 12:1.
 "I will look up to the mountains.
Where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord.

And then this verse starts running through my head as I look around at the grandeur of the mountains. It is a comfort and a peace. I pick up my bag and coffee, take a sip and continue on to the dock and I can hear snorting coming from the water. I look up and out. A family of seals has decided to splash around and play, probably feeding and I marvel at their gracefulness. They poke their heads up and looking around they dive under once more only to surface again a few feet away and I am grateful and full.

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