An Adventure: Lake Whatcom

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, September 07, 2014

I am not sure how things happen but they do and they always work out. There is a quote that I remember from the book Of Mice and Men, "Good intentions of mice and men often go astray."  I have no idea why this particular quote has stuck with me all these years but it has.  I never really liked the book too much.  It seemed negative to me. See I believe in happy endings.  I want to come away from a book with feeling good.  There is enough sadness in the world. I do realize that there are sad, or tragic stories that need to be told.  I just like stories that have happier endings. However I feel about that issue it's just side stepping the adventure we've had. Sundays tend to be days that we have friends over or send our kids out to friends' houses or we have family adventures. Today was the last kind of day only not as planned. It was a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, one that calls to  people to enjoy the outdoors. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Isaac opted to stay home because he wasn't feeling well but I'm sure football has something to do with it. Kidding. The rest of us after I took a nap loaded up the boat with towels, snacks, lifejacks, and innertubes. We headed out to the lake for possibly the last day on the water for the year. We put our boat in the water and pushed off.  The motor started like always and we were off.  As soon as we were out of the no wake zone, we dumped the tube in the water and the kids hopped on. They are so light that the tube can hold them both and even Isaac when he's around. We did donuts, we hit waves, we circled left, circled right, and Job flew off into the water.  Out again and we did that all over again.  We made our way to the south end of the lake enjoying the day and the place. We talked and snacked on fresh plums picked only hours before. The water was calm, perfect for wakeboarding and skiing.  Job grabbed the paddle (never leave home without a paddle) and hopped on the tube to paddle around while Lona wake boarded.  I think he likes a little independence.  She practiced her butter turns and jumping the wake. We took a couple of runs around the area and headed back to Job. She was getting a little tired but had one more run in her before Job's turn to ski.  We turned off the motor, had Job hop in and pulled in the tube.  Lona was ready to go when John turned the key on the boat and nothing but a click. He tried again and again. He checked the connection to the battery, He checked the spark plug connections. Nothing. The motor wouldn't even turn over. We were at the south end of the lake with our 17 foot boat, and one paddle. He started paddling towards a group of boats.  I took a turn while he looked at the engine some more. A boat came over but they weren't headed in our direction. Another boat came over and they weren't either however they did agree to tow us to the main channel where we could flag a boat going to the other end of the lake. As we were being towed, we saw the sheriff's boat. We were rescued.  We started waving our flag like crazy!  They were headed straight towards us. Oh what a relief and then they turned around and headed towards another boat. What?  Didn't they see our flag, are we going to have to chase them down? No they made their way towards us and asked us our problem. They were so nice.  They had us put our life jackets on, hook the tow rope to cleat on our bow and off we went back to the other side of the lake. It was unbelievable how fast that boat can go.  Two 250 horsepower engines, that boat put ours up on a plane.  We practically flew across the water. Once they pulled us into the dock, the kids jumped out and took "selfies" with our rescuers.  We laughed the whole way back. The kids thought is was great and loved being towed in.  We could have been upset, we could have gotten angry, it could have ruined the day. However we had fun, we went on an adventure it just didn't end as planned but that is the definition of an adventure.  Our intentions were well planned but they went astray and it was good anyway.

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