A new pet

A small boy excitedly strolled through the door after soccer practice.  Dirt and grass clinging to his wet cleats started dropping off on the hard wood floor as he wove his way through the house to find his mother. "Can we go now?" he eagerly demanded.  The mother smiled down at the boy hopping from foot to foot in anticipation.  Then she announced that not only were they going to be getting things to prepare the cage for the cavie but they would get the cavie.  He immediately striped off his shin guards and socks, put on his school shoes, grabbed his money and was out the door and in the car before the mother could grab her purse and keys. The whole way to the pet store, he spouted fact after fact about cavies.  He told his mother his hopes and dreams about "Taz" the cavie.  What kind of personality he wanted and how he was going to acclimate "Taz" and become his favorite person.  A boy cavie for sure.  He didn't want a girl.  They found the street downtown and wove through traffic looking for a parking spot.  Across the street from the quaint farm and pet store was the perfect spot and he bound out the door.  Quickly placing the coin in the meter he dashed across the street to search for the perfect one.  They had rats, mice, ferrets, hamsters, and bunnies.  Where were the cavies?  In with the bunnies and they were tiny.  Three weeks old, two boys and two girls.  Their fur had whorls this way and that way.  The boy looked and looked.  Finally he decided he needed a hay trough and some toys for his cavie.  He came back and looked again at the boys and at the girls.  One little cavie stood out to the boy.  She had unusual coloring and scurried quickly to find her hiding place.  He fell in love with her.  The store employee asked all sorts of questions about what he knew about the little cavies.  What kinds of pets did he have and had taken care off?  He was satisfied that the boy was ready for this responsibility and could take care of a new friend. He boxed her up and handed her to the boy.  The boy paid for the stuff and gentle held the box. "Mom, will you drive slowly and take it easy around corners and stopping and starting?" He wanted her ride to her new home to be as trauma free as possible.  Once home, he arranged the log for her, placed her in her new home.  He set up the hay trough, got a carrot out to feed her by hand.  He placed the new toys in her cage and decided that "Taz" is not a name for a girl cavie.  Her name should be girly.  Cocoa was the perfect girl name.  The next morning instead of slowly rolling out of bed, he was downstairs in a flash holding Cocoa and stroking her soft brown, tan and white fur.  She snuggled into his arm and he was happy.
Update:  He watched his cavie and worried.  She was spending time in her log and just a little in her cage.  He listened to her warble and coo and she sounded lonely.  He was gone for long periods of time during the day, she needed a friend.  So he approached his parents requesting that his sister purchase the sister to his cavie.  They agreed and she did.

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