A Walk

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, December 03, 2015

The wind whipped my hair past my face as the naked trees danced around me. The ground still frozen where the sun had not yet reached crunched under my feet. The crisp air tingled my cheeks as I ambled
down the path next to the river accompanied by my dog.  I watched him run, sniff, circle,  and return with pure abandoned joy. It was contagious.  I felt refreshed, alone by the river. The quiet was occasionally broken by the calling of the winter geese as they migrated overhead.  We made our way to to the tunnel of trees and bushes that gave us access to the private sandy beach along the river. I stopped, inhaled and breathed. I looked around, marveling at the beauty which I find so difficult to see on cold bleary grey days of winter.  The sun reflecting off the water not only warmed the ground but my soul as well. I tried to capture as much as I could not only with my camera but deep down so that I could pull out this moment when enduring multiple days without the sun. We spent time there by the river. We each were involved in our favorite activities. I observed, took photos and threw his ball. He waded, swam, sniffed, explored, and retrieved. Each of us content. And then it was time, time to head home, to return to the world run by schedules and clocks, to hours spent inside while the grey of the days tries its best to invade.

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