A Gift

By Leslie Parks - Friday, January 08, 2016

 Lona's room used to be pink and yellow with a flower border between the two colors.  I designed that room when I found out that I was pregnant with a girl. I used a stick for a curtain rod and hung a valance of sheer white cloth with a flower garland that matched almost the border paper.  I used to sit in a rocking chair in that room and dream about having a girl. I had two boys at the time and my life was filled with Legos, trucks, balls and all things very much boy. I had all the little girl clothes ready to go. Thirteen years later and she really didn't want the pink and yellow. She was ready to change. It still was one of my favorite rooms but the border paper was starting to curl up, exactly what I should have expected with a girl after two boys. She is all girl and as tough as a boy on my house and maybe even with her brothers. So as her Christmas gift we told her we would redecorate her room. She chose the colors: Benjamin Moore Paul Revere Grey and Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey.  I thought it would be too dark for such a small room but she likes it.  I gave her a gift card for Hobby Lobby so she could chose what she wanted on the walls and not my choice. I'm hoping for it to reflect her tastes.  The one thing she didn't want to get rid of was her giant cardboard Tardis. The one thing she would like but we are saying no to is hardwood floors in her room. I would love to but there isn't a budget for it, so the carpet stays. Her loft bed was cut down to regular size and we moved the furniture around a couple of times to decide where she might want it.  It is like this for now but may change. The dresser was John's grandmother's dresser and there are some dings here and there but I painted it white and changed the knobs to black.  It feels rather empty right now but she is working on it and thinking about it and when we have time, we'll take a trip  to Hobby Lobby so she can use her gift card.

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