Welcome 2016

By Leslie Parks - Friday, January 08, 2016

Fresh as new fallen snow. The year before me stretched out. Expectations are there, but what this year actually holds I have no idea. There are hopes, dreams, and wishes. Do I dare write them down? Do I voice them? Or do I keep them hidden in my heart to be only that, dreams and wishes. I don't want to make resolutions, I want to live intentionally but what questions do I ask myself, what direction do I go in? This last year was a milestone year for our kids. Senior year in high school for Isaac. Freshman year for Job and driver's ed. Public school for Lona and 8th grade. My first year of being at home alone. I thought I was going to take this year off to discover myself but I didn't, things just kept piling up and I took them on: youth group, teaching photography, taking photos and working on starting my own business. Do I take the plunge business wise? Do I look for a job?

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