A Reality: Illness

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Warning:  A little graphic (makes my stomach queasy)

For the most part we are a healthy family. However there are times when we are not and this is one of those times. It's been a rough patch lately. I have to say that it is hard. Hard when the kids are sick, hard when the husband is sick and hard when I am sick while all the above are sick.  I look back and I think it's started on Christmas when Job injured his toe. He hobbled around and started to get better by the time school started. Which was good, the bad came the second day back when my phone buzzes me with a text asking me to come and get him. I arrive at school, pull him out of class and while I'm signing him out, he's puking in the garbage can. Kids are walking past him and watching the silently puking that was happening. Forever he will be known as the kid who got sick at school. Some things you can live down, but not others.  A couple of days later he's back at school, healthy except for his toe that still is giving him problems. The very next Tuesday he comes home from school and snuggles down under blankets and trying hard to focus on school work but can't.  He asked to go to bed around 8 pm so naturally I check his temperature at it's 104. Yike, no school for him. He lays in bed all the next day and Thursday as well.  On Thursday Isaac calls and comes home early from school and proceeds to lay on the couch all that day. Lona walks in around 3 pm and complains about a headache and goes straight to bed. That's three kids down. Friday morning Job begs to go to school, worried about grades but especially driver's ed. He makes it all day but slept in most of his classes, checking his temperature I realized that it was back up. Isaac and Lona haven't moved from their couches.  This continues through the weekend and by Sunday John isn't feeling good and I'm starting the sniffles. Monday morning Isaac comes downstairs complaining of blood dripping out of his ear. We bundle him up and take him to the Walk-in clinic right away that morning. The doctor looks at his ear and yep, he has an ear infection and a ruptured membrane.  Anti-biotics for the week and it will take some time to heal. He comes home and goes back to bed on the couch. Later that same day, Job takes the bandage off his toe to change it and it starts bleeding profusely again. I call the doctor and they send me to the Walk-in clinic. Once seen it is determined that it will heal better if the toe nail comes off because the toenail bed is raised up and swollen.  The old toenail hasn't fallen off and it's trying to grow a new one. Gross, oh by the way, can you check his ear too because when I looked at it at home, I thought it was infected. Yep, sure thing. The doctor wrote a prescription for him too then proceeded to remove Job's toenail. I held him while he got the shots but when it was time to have the nail removed, he sat up and watched the whole thing, taking pictures with my phone.  The doctor even gave him the toenail in a jar to take home! So boy, so gross.  We pretty much all sat on the couch or laid in bed the rest of the day, trying to recover for a new week.  John who was feeling pretty terrible got up in the morning to get both Job who was feeling better and Lona off to school. By 8 am she called me to come get her. Bringing her home, she quickly emailed her teachers, took her temperature (104) and bundled herself off to bed for the rest of the day. Isaac went to school, came home, worked a little and slept more.  We are off to a great start to the year which means it can only get better.

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