A Season

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I stand in the rain, the sun, the cold, the wind, the heat and I watch. The camera to my face, tracking the movement with my finger on the focus button. Waiting for that one shot.  It may be of my child, it maybe of someone else's child, but I wait.  I keep my camera with me, it guards my mouth from shouting. They love the photos I take but my voice is not what they want to hear. I go to game after game. I drive everyday to the practices to pick her up. It is just as much of a commitment for me as it is for her. Practices everyday after school until 5pm. Games at least twice a week. We've been lucky, there was only one on Saturday. The farthest I've gone to watch has been Sedro Woolley. I pay my money at the places that charge. I greet the other parents and I watch. It's been years of watching my kids play. She's the last and this is only the beginning of high school. I have more years ahead of me. There will be a day that I no longer go to soccer games and I think I might just miss it.

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