A Hope, A Chance, A Reality

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

She's been playing soccer since she was 5. One year she was encouraged by a couple of older gals to try out for a developmental league.  She did and she made it. Then she tried out for a select soccer league and she made it. For the last three years she was on a C team for that soccer league. She's had friends that moved onto the B team then onto the A team. She's played positions all over the field. She was always hoping to move up but it seemed as though she was stuck on the C team. And then it happened, the B team coach asked her to play a game and she was excited. It wasn't her regular team but she loved it. She loved the girls, she loved the coach. The team lost and she still loved it. She practiced with them a couple of times and was asked again to play.  She did and continued to love it. She didn't play her regular position and still loved it. Sometimes she looked lost on the field, sometimes she looked dialed in and ready. She played more games with them, practiced more and then her season with her team ended. They had the end of year party. They said goodbye to their regular coach and that was that, except it wasn't.  She was asked along with 6 of her other team mates to join this B team for a "mini" season. A tournament season and she was thrilled. It was what she wanted. She wanted to be able to say that she made it to the B team. She wants to make it to her senior year in this league.  She's having fun again and excited. We will see where this chance takes her. Maybe it will take her to the B team for the next year. Maybe it won't.  We will have to see, but for right now, she's excited and happy.

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