A Project: Charlie Hat for Isaac

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, January 25, 2017

He's always liked the color green but his school colors are maroon and grey.  Its cold at his school, eastern Washington cold with highs in the 30s, sometimes in the single digits. He took nothing winterish with him to school.  Why would he when it was in the 90s as a low? But winter came, and I knew he would need something so I went on a search for a project.  Something that I could make as I rode in the car, listened to sermons at church, waited for wrestling matches and soccer games to start. I settled on this hat.  There was enough of a change in pattern to keep me engaged and simple enough that I could finish it.  At Christmas I wrapped in my signature brown paper and placed it under the tree, knowing that he wouldn't understand the amount of love that went into the hat.  It didn't matter, it was enough that I knew. I imagine him wearing it at school as he goes from class to class to dorm, keeping just enough of the chill off him. I imagine it being the perfect hat for a football match or a midnight sledding run, but it is all in my imagination. Truth be told, if he still has it when he comes home for the summer, I would be surprised. To me its more, but to him its just a hat.

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