A Season: Indoor Soccer

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, January 29, 2017

How many times have I walked into this building? How many games have I watched to see the outcome be the same? How many photos have I taken of my kids, of my husband coaching? Too many times of each thing. Yet I keep going. I keep watching, keep taking photos, keep cheering. The kids have fun, the coach does too.  The outcome while sometimes discouraging really doesn't matter. They are getting out there, getting involved, doing something. Some of these kids only have this game in common. Some of these kids wouldn't be able to play unless this team was created. In the end it is about supporting however I can, by a photograph, by a encouraging word, and by showing up. There are games I can't make it to for one reason or another, however when I do, I bring my camera and cheer. Then on the way home, I listen as the game is replayed, analysed and discussed.

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