A New Sport: Track

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, April 02, 2017

When I was a freshman, I went out for track.  I couldn't even imagine running a mile so I thought that I would do the 100 sprint.  I couldn't do that either but the meets were fun and I liked to cheer on my teammates. The next year, my track coach suggested I try golf.  Now my daughter has decided to go out for track. She's running the mile. Her PR is 6:08, which is fast but she doesn't think so. John took her to the store to buy shoes, really expensive shoes. The next day she came home and said she had decided to try pole vaulting. Yes, right after buying the shoes. She tried for a week and I ordered pole vaulting shorts because pole vaulters have special shorts. The next day she decided to go back to running the mile. (A pattern?)  However, there is the issue of clothing since they run in the sun and the rain. Looking at all the girls lined up on the starting line, I realized only Lona was wearing her "track issued" shorts.  They are ugly and way to big and well all the other girls are wearing spandex shorts or leggings.  She was a good sport about it but it needed to change. We bought her leggings and spandex shorts for running and biking. I didn't think I was going to cave on that, but I had to.

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