An Adventure: Port Townsend

By Leslie Parks - Monday, April 10, 2017

Looking for a little adventure over spring break, we (being me as the enabler and her with her friends) took a day trip to Port Townsend, which is a little port town on the coast of Washington.  Forgotten by all except for tourists and residents and has become a destination in itself.  It has maintained it's charm and character from the 1800s and takes advantage of it with the different festivals and themed weekends.
Traveling to Port Townsend can be a little tricky due to the ferry ride.  We pulled up and watched the ferry leave, not enough time to buy walk on tickets. So like any adventure we explored Fort Cassy. Which really meant we walked down the road and got no further than the abandoned power facility. Cameras came out of bags and backpacks. Old stairs, cement walks with moss, rusted metal doors, sunshine peaking around the building and through trees made a perfect place to spend an hour before catching the next ferry.
Once at Port Townsend, we did what every tourist should do.  Eat Pizza at Waterfront Pizza. Best ever! The girls wandered through basement record stores, antique shops, and steam punk shops. We took breaks and watched this crazy girl jump over iron posts. We posed before instagrammed and pinterested doors. climb walls between buildings, and peaking through the Salish Sea Circle.  Then we finished our time at Better Living Through Coffee while waiting for our ferry to pull in.

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