An Outing: Walnut Grove Aquatic Centre

By Leslie Parks - Friday, April 07, 2017

Walnut Grove Aquatic Centre.  We have been visiting this place for years! We were introduced to Canadian indoor pools and tried a couple different ones.  Some were very crowded, in fact Isaac chipped one of his front teeth when a kid sat on him in the shallow end and he hit his tooth on the bottom of the pool. We had towels stolen from another place. Still others required a certain height to use the slide, which doesn't really matter anymore. This place had everything for us and even though our kids have grown, there is something for them. There is a hot tub that they can use. Job tends to get cold fast and his lips turn blue so he needs the hot tub. There are swimming lanes so that I can swim.  I usually will only be able to swim 1600 meters with a warm up and cool down and lots of rest in between but I love it. The slide is fun and they have large floating pool toys, however the real draw is what is at the deep pool. The rope swing, diving board, high dive and the platform dive. Job, my kid who hates heights will jump off the high dive.  Lona's thing is the platform. The first time she tried it, it took her a long time to take that step off. The second time, she took some time before the initial step. Each step off the platform took less and less time until she would just walk up, check for people below and leap as far as she can.  Then there is John diving off both the high dive and the low dive, swinging on the rope but not upside down like Job, but just as much of a kid as Job and Lona. After maybe 12 years of going, I finally have photos.  I usually swim and don't bring my camera but wasn't able to swim this time.

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