An Outing: Deception Pass

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, May 20, 2017

Its been too long since John and I just went away for the day together.  Usually we go over night once during the winter and this year, we didn't feel like we could.  I have to say that I really missed it. For us as a couple, we need to regroup, align our thoughts and reconnect.  We've settled for little day trips here and there.  Last year, the whole family spent an afternoon at Deception Pass so we chose to go back as a couple.  We explored the island side of the pass this time. Apparently there is a trail system on the east side of the bridge on the island. We arrived in time to find a spot at the pull out.  Immediately we headed for Goose Rock Summit, which has a bare rock top called the Balds. They were created by glaciers scraping the soil as they moved. From the Balds we could see the islands Deception Island, Lopez island, even Vancouver Island.  On the way down, we took a little side trail and discovered Bald Eagles catching the updrafts. They are amazing birds.  One landed in a tree right above our head next to another eagle that was screeching. John was standing near the base of the tree when one of the eagles decided to leave. I wish I had video of it but as it jumped off the limb, it folded it's wings back as it was diving and stretched them out at the last minute, giving them a few powerful pumps before heading over the cliff.  The speed, the sound of the power of air throw the wind feathers was amazing and probably one of the neatest things to experience all day.  We decided it was time for lunch so we headed back to the truck for a picnic lunch on the tailgate. Goose Rock Perimeter trail was next on our list. Again we crossed under the bridge and walked along the hillside over looking the water on the east side.  This gave us great views of Strawberry Island, Ben Ure Island and Mount Baker.  We had a little confusion over which spur trail to take back to make it a loop since it wasn't well marked but we would have ended up at the truck no matter what trail. We looped under the highway through a tunnel and then a short climb back to the truck. We grabbed Lona's hammock and a blanket to enjoy Macs Cove.  Gun Point separates Macs Cove from North Beach at high tide.  Since it was still early and we were ready to move on, we decided to check out a rhododendron botanical garden, Meerkerk Garden.  It reminded me a lot of a botanical garden we saw in Hawaii.  Privately owned, self guided tour, maintained by volunteers, not a lot of labels. There were some beautiful blooms and a gorgeous hexagonal rock shed that you entered through.  We finished our day at a brewery, sitting outside, enjoying a cider for me and a beer for John with our dinner.

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