Fishing with Friends

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

There are many moments that slip away, vanishing in the mist of memory. Then there are the few strange moments that seem able to live in my mind forever.  Fishing is one of those things that will forever keep a place there. We don't fish very often, in fact the last time we fished (meaning John and the kids) it was particularly traumatic for them. I guess that is why I remember it so well. We still talk about it and laugh. I guess it has become one of those stories families tell about each other. Nine years later we are having another go at fishing. It was sucessful enough that he invited a friend the next time.  We ate those fish from the first trip and sent home fish with Johnny from the second trip.  Now he wants to try camping and living off the fish he catches.  Good luck with that.

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