Farmer's Market

By Leslie Parks - Friday, July 14, 2017

Our small town hosts a small farmer's market every Friday during the summer in a small area just off main street. The vendors set up their tents, tables and wares.  Large flags are placed on the bridge and the market opens for business until 8 pm that night.
We were in the back yard one night talking about a gal who came over and picked plums, took them to the larger farmer's market and sold them. She made some pretty good money doing that and it didn't cost her anythings.  Lona quietly sat and listened. We also were talking about some friends who sell flowers at the market.  They were making some pretty good money and again, it wasn't costing them anything. The farmer's market is free for kids.  They have to commit to 5 hours and provide their own tent/awning/umbrella and a table.  They also need a sign.  So she started thinking and looking around at our yard at our cherry trees. She looked at the price in the store at the cherries and decided she could sell cherries to make money for an upcoming trip. I had really no interest in sitting all day at the farmer's market but I would help her get ready.  She picked pound after pound of cherries. I helped her make the sign, printed out the words that she traced and colored on her sign. I loaned her about $10 in quarters so she could make change and then I drove her to the farmer's market.  We set up the canopy, placed her product out.  I ran home to get a firm table so she could use the food scale to measure out her cherries. The last thing I did was sign a waiver and then I left.  I had work to do at home. She sat there and sold cherries.  John and I came back around 7 pm and she had just sold out. So we packed up and went home.  I really think she learned a lot.  I was impressed at how she made a decision and went for it.  I wouldn't have been able to do that but she did.  There was one point when a gal gave her 2 dollar bills and 2 quarters and she responded with you gave me too much. The lady asked her where she went to school at.  Hilarious and ironic due to her math skills but sometimes your brain just shuts off and needs to reboot.

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